When is the last date that nominations are accepted?
March 15, 2024

Who is eligible to be nominated to Gallery Prize?
Any artist, regardless of nationality or experience

What artwork is eligible to be nominated?
Any artwork created in 2023 and physically exhibited in Lebanon or on a Lebanon-centric digital platform

What award is given to the Prize winner?
No cash rewards. The award consists of public recognition by a first-class jury. It includes a certificate, coverage in Gallery Magazine, and in other media

Who is eligible to nominate?
Anyone can nominate a work. This includes artists nominating their own work or that of others, galleries, art venue, or art lovers and aficionados

Can one nominate work in more than one category?

Can one nominate more than one work per category?
No. For each category, only the work that occupies the first place in your judgment should be nominated. If more than one nomination for a particular category is received from the same nominator, only the last submission will be accepted and presented to the jury

Are artists' consent necessary to have their works be nominated?
No. The artist will not be consulted at the time of nomination. However, the artist will need to give consent to be declared a winner

How many winners will be declared for each category?
Only one winner will be declared unless the jury declares co-winners. There are no second or third prizes

Will the nominated works be made public?
No. Only winning works will be made public. All other nominations will retain confidentiality

Can works of the same artist be nominated for different categories?
Yes. For example one can nominate a painting and a sculpture for the same artist

What are the criteria used by the jury to assess works?
These are qualitative criteria that include creativity, technique, message, and overall artistic quality of the work. Jury members will render an comprehensive evaluation, rather than grading sub-criteria

Is there a public vote previsioned in the process?
No. This is a jury prize

How often will the Prize be organized?
The prize is a yearly activity

Who do I contact to obtain more information on the prize?
Contact: prize@gallery.com.lb

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