Best Painting - 2023

Best Painting - 2023

Ghada Zoghbi (Co-Winner)
Ghada Zoghbi
Something Went Wrong. Acrylic on canvas, 150x200
Nestled within the heart of a bustling metropolis, where towering edifices and bustling streets intersect, a painting emerges, its silent presence inviting contemplation. Amidst the urban cacophony, it stands as a quiet portal, offering a glimpse into an abandoned sanctuary. It is a captivating fragment of a larger exhibition, an exploration that delves into the intricate interplay between humanity and the spaces they traverse. Within its strokes, the quest for connection and purpose unfolds, woven through the unlikeliest of locales.

Ghada Zoghbi’s exploration of the human-space dynamic takes a profound and evocative twist. She unravels the notion that the yearning for spiritual union need not confine itself to hallowed halls and revered shrines. Instead, she sheds light on the notion that this quest for significance echoes within the contours of everyday rooms and the eerie embrace of forsaken spaces.

The emotional depth of the artwork is an embodiment of expressionism, each brushstroke a testament to raw intensity that resonates at a primal level. The interplay of sweeping strokes and the play of light and shadow infuse the canvas with an almost ethereal ambiance, capturing the lingering specter that haunts the abandoned chamber. The subdued color palette, deliberately muted, amplifies the impression of distance, unveiling the intricate architecture of overlapping structures and the passage of time.

Central to the composition is the enigmatic architecture of the room, a sanctuary reminiscent of a pool, suspended by strings in muted hues of orange and blue, a symphony of color anchored by steel and cement. This amalgamation exudes a profound sense of isolation and introspection, compelling the observer to peer into the very soul of the space. Within its essence, the painting becomes a metaphoric reflection of the human condition—hinting at those uncharted recesses within, the domains we might have left untrodden or dismissed. The artists says: “Since 2016, I became interested in creating artworks filled with the juxtaposition between the personal and the public.” This duality resonates within this very creation, an art that speaks of contrasts and complements.

Embedded in the artwork’s tapestry are binaries—those who dared not gaze skyward saw only its reflection within the waters. Temples were raised, prayers were intoned, and rituals were performed, until the delicate balance faltered, yielding unforeseen consequences.
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